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Counselling Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm


I also provide:-


for counsellors and student counsellors

Costs and Charges:

Face to Face within Coronavirus guidelines £45 an hour in a Counselling Room or £45 per hour plus mileage if home visit. 

Zoom, Skype or telephone £40 PAYABLE BY BACS OR CHEQUE 

Discounts are available for Students, those on benefits and Seniors.

For Supervision please enquire via email


I provide counselling face to face in the Forest of Dean and anywhere in the UK via Zoom, Skype or Telephone.

I also provide a unique counselling service visiting clients in nursing and residential homes in the Forest of Dean.

People seek counselling for many reasons. Counselling enables you, with a professionally trained person, to explore and release the feelings and emotions you may not be able to share with anyone else in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

Some of the issues Counselling can help with are:

  • Adapting to Life Changes -such as coming to terms with a chronic illness or becoming a carer.

  • Work related issues.

  • Depression.

  • Stress and Anxiety.

  • Separation Issues.

  • Relationship Problems (please note I only do 1 to 1 not couple counselling but can signpost if you contact me).

  • Low Self Esteem / Confidence.

  • Loss and Bereavement (including Pet Bereavement).

  • Trauma.

  • Abuse.

  • Feelings of loss of identity. 


These are just to name a few, counselling can help process many issues.



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